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Taurean Queen Herbal Smoke Blend
Taurean Queen Herbal Smoke Blend
Taurean Queen Herbal Smoke Blend
Taurean Queen Herbal Smoke Blend

Taurean Queen Herbal Smoke Blend

MoreFya Herbal Tea and Smoke Blends

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I designed this blend to represent the complexity of Taurus energy. 

ZODIAC // Taurus
SYMBOL // Bull
ECLIPTIC DATES // Apr 20 - May 20
ELEMENT // Earth
Traits: Intelligent ~ Persistent ~ Dedicated ~ Romantic ~ Sensual ~ Creative ~ Resourceful ~ Stubborn ~ Goal-Oriented~ Money-oriented ~ Rigid

The Power of Love

Ruled by the Venus//Oshun

Goddess of Love.

Power of the Throat Chakra

Voice, Communication.

Celebrating Resourcefulness, Fertility (both physical and energetically), Body Positivity, Successful Long-Term Partnerships, Grounding and Centering and Consistent Energy. 


Organic Marshmallow Leaf - Cleansing, Protection, Soothing (esp. the throat), Fertility, Sex Magick.

Organic Raspberry Leaf - Soothing the throat and womb. Protection and Love.

Organic Honeysuckle - Gounding. Money manifestations, increase psychic abilities and protection.

Rose Petal - Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love Divination, Luck and Protection

Damiana - Love, Lust and increase in clairvoyant visions

Hibiscus - Love, lust and divination

Organic Rubbed Sage -  Longevity, Wisdom, Protection and Wishes 

Peppermint - Purification, Sleep, Love Healing 

Blue Lotus - Victory of the spirit over the senses, intelligence, and wisdom of knowledge


*MoreFya herbal smoke blends were created for recreational and ritual use by responsible individuals 18+.
*While hours of research went into creating this content, none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and it is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.
*As always, please talk with your healthcare provider about any herbs you are considering.
*Not for use in pregnancy or by lactating women.


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