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PMS Herbal Tea Blend
PMS Tea // MoreFya Herbal Tea and Smoke Blends// Menstrual Cramps//Adaptogen//Anti-Inflammatory

PMS Herbal Tea Blend

Menstrual Cramps//Adaptogen//Anti-Inflammatory

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Crafted to help ease trying PMS symptoms. From menstrual cramps to bloating, these herbs help combat all of the annoying symptoms we as women face once a month. 

Health benefits include but are not limited to:

Red Raspberry Leaf - Great for all but highly beneficial to women's health. Naturally high in magnesium, potassium, iron and vitamins A, B, C and E. Astringent properties help to soothe one inside and out. Immune system boosting, naturally detoxifies, relieves eczema and sunburn. Tightens pelvic area and lessens menstrual cramps. 

Ginkgo Leaf - Contains high levels of antioxidants , helps fight inflammation, improves circulation and heart health by increasing blood flow to multiple parts of the body. Improves brain function, vision and eye health, helps with headaches and migraines. Effective against PMS symptoms. 

 Eleuthero Root - Powerful adaptogen used to strengthen the body and generally aid in ones ability to cope with daily stress. Replenishes a depleted nervous system, increases energy and reduces fatigue. Boosts immune system and improves cognitive function and endurance.

Hawthorn Leaf - Supports healthy circulation and cardiovascular function. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Lowers blood pressure, aids in digestion, helps prevent hair loss and helps to ease anxiety. Also lowers blood lipids, and dilates blood vessels to promote blood circulation, which makes it an ideal remedy for menstrual pains and cramps.

Rose Petals - Contains antioxidants and is known to repair cell damage. Helps lessen anxiety and depression and improve ones mood. Promotes the production of collagen and helps hydrate and tighten the skin. Chock full of vitamin C and helps reduce inflammation. Good for lessening menstrual cramps and bloating.

Hibiscus Flowers- Adds an incredibly deep red color, cools the body and soothes sore throats. Loaded with antioxidants, fights bacteria and cancer cell growth. Also may prevent hair loss and dandruff. 

 For Spiritual use:

Red Raspberry Leaf - Love, protection, attract and hold a nurturing lover.

Eleuthero Root - Breaks curses, Money drawing

Hawthorn Leaf - encourages self-love and self-acceptance

Hibiscus Flowers - Attract love, lust, passion, relationships, psychic development, harmony, clairvoyance, freedom

Rose Petals - love, psychic powers, divination, luck & protection

* Intended for intentional use by responsible individuals.

*While hours of research went into creating this content, none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and it is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.

*As always, please talk with your healthcare provider about any herbs you are considering.

*Not for use in pregnancy or by lactating women.

*All of our ingredients are Kosher and some are USDA Organic. All are sustainably and ethically sourced

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