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Sacred Ceremony Herbal Smoke Blend
Sacred Ceremony Herbal Smoke Blend
Sacred Ceremony Herbal Smoke Blend

Sacred Ceremony Herbal Smoke Blend

Communication//Transformation//Spiritual Awareness

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I created this blend for a special sacred pipe ceremony but I am definitely keeping it as a MoreFya standard blend because man! This is a potent lil blend! 

Smoke has been used in rituals and ceremonies for centuries by many different cultures. For purification, sacrament, communication and so much more. This blend was made with increasing spiritual awareness and aiding in enlightenment. 

Health benefits include but are not limited to:

Mullein - Soothes and cleanses the lungs when smoked.  Mildly calming, promotes relaxing feelings and fights against anxiety. Expectorant.

Mugwort - Used for headaches, nosebleeds, chills, and nerve problems.

Uva Ursi - Traditionally smoked during Native American smoking ceremonies. Its believed that the smoke carries prayers to your higher power. 

Blue Lotus - Originating from Ancient Egypt during religious ceremonies and to reach higher levels of consciousness. Natural anti-anxiety solution and stress reliever this herb generates a calming euphoria within the user. May produce tingling sensations, enhancement of dream state, vividness and lucidity of dreams as well as enables dream recollection. 

Rubbed Sage - Used in smoking blends to help improve moods! Promotes feelings of relaxation and has been shown to boost brain function! Effective remedy against colds, clears the throat, lungs and sinuses of congestion by reducing secretion. Powerful relaxant.

Spiritual Properties:

Mullein - Courage, Protection, Health, Drawing Love, Divination

Mugwort - Strength , protection, healing, prophetic dreams

Uva Ursi - Increase in capabilities

Blue Lotus Flower  - Used as a way to elevate and communicate with the Gods. Symbol of rebirth and life.

Sage - Cleansing, wisdom, good luck, redemption, home blessing and longevity.


*MoreFya herbal smoke blends were created for recreational and ritual use by responsible individuals 18+.
*While hours of research went into creating this content, none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and it is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.
*As always, please talk with your healthcare provider about any herbs you are considering.
*Not for use in pregnancy or by lactating women.

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