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Lucid Dreams Herbal Smoke Blend
Lucid Dreams Smoke Blend // MoreFya Herbal Tea and Smoke Blends// Hallucinogen//Dream Recollection//Relaxing
Lucid Dreams Smoke Blend // MoreFya Herbal Tea and Smoke Blends// Hallucinogen//Dream Recollection//Relaxing

Lucid Dreams Herbal Smoke Blend

Hallucinogen//Dream Recollection//Relaxing

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One of my absolute favorite blends. Featuring Calea Zacatechichi, otherwise known as the "dream herb", this blend may leave you recalling vividly enhanced dreams. Ingredients were chosen that will leave you feeling well rested and at peace in the morning. Smoke on its own or add your favorite bud to enhance your session. Spritz blend with distilled water to make herbs more palatable. Add honey to your water for a lil extra razzle dazzle. Sold in 1 oz package.

Non-addictive. Nicotine-Free.

Health benefits include but are not limited to:

Red Raspberry Leaf - Aids in tobacco cessation. Contains medicinal compounds that neutralize poisons within the lungs and body including that from tobacco usage. Sedative and muscle relaxant. Helps with PMS symptoms. Produces a calming effect on the nervous system. Super fluffy in texture, burns evenly and tastes great. 

Calea Zacatechichi - Hallucinogen used to potentiate dreams. Scientifically proven to improve dream recollection, dream intensity and imagery. Relaxing effects are felt almost immediately makes it perfect for those suffering from insomnia. Also helps with headaches, inflammation and menstrual problems.

Damiana - Damiana has many beneficial medicinal properties. Used in this blend as a base and for it's ability to aid in depression, lessen anxiety, and promote feelings of euphoria.

Wild Dagga - Unique in its ability to amplify the effects of other herbs it's blended with, wild dagga can be used for mood enhancement and mental clarity. Reports of giddiness and increased color perception aren't uncommon. Mild and relaxing, wild dagga has also been referred to as "wild cannabis" for the similar euphoric feeling user get while enjoying its smoke.

Blue Lotus - Originating from Ancient Egypt during religious ceremonies and to reach higher levels of consciousness. Natural anti-anxiety solution and stress reliever this herb generates a calming euphoria within the user. May produce tingling sensations, enhancement of dream state, vividness and lucidity of dreams as well as enables dream recollection. 

Passionflower - Effective in overcoming nicotine addiction. Used as a calming herb, works at lessening activity going on in cells in the brain, causing feelings of relaxation. Non-addictive alternative to prescription sleeping remedies. Will enhance effects of prescription sedatives so use with caution!

Lavender - Perfect for sleep blends, relaxes the body, mind and muscle. Helps with nervousness and insomnia. Can relieve painful headaches, sore muscles, and bloated tummies. Used to induce a restful sleep. 

For Spiritual use:

Red Raspberry Leaf - Protection and love

Calea Zacatechichi - Used by shamans to diving the future outcome of specific events. Answers received through dreaming.

Damiana - love, lust and visions.

Blue Lotus Flower  - Used as a way to elevate and communicate with the Gods. Symbol of rebirth and life.

Wild Dagga - Used to amplify benefits of other herbs

Passionflower - Peace, sleep & friendships.

Lavender - Protection, love, peace, longevity, purification, happiness.

*Our herbal smoke blends were created for recreational and ritual use by responsible individuals 18+.

*While hours of research went into creating this content, none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and it is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.

*As always, please talk with your healthcare provider about any herbs you are considering.

*Not for use in pregnancy or by lactating women.

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