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Lavender Sage Herbal Smoke Blend
Lavender Sage Herbal Smoke Blend

Lavender Sage Herbal Smoke Blend


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Our newest smoke blend! Combines the cleansing properties associated with sage, mullein and marshmallow leaf into an amazingly fragrant and smooth blend that was created to cleanse your inner body and spirit while inducing feelings of relaxation and happiness!

Health benefits include but are not limited to:

Rubbed Sage* - Used in smoking blends to help improve moods! Promotes feelings of relaxation and has been shown to boost brain function! Effective remedy against colds, clears the throat, lungs and sinuses of congestion by reducing secretion. Powerful relaxant.

Lavender *- Perfect for sleep blends, relaxes the body, mind and muscle. Helps with nervousness and insomnia. Can relieve painful headaches, sore muscles, and bloated tummies. 

Marshmallow* - Traditionally used for relief for coughs and inflamed mucous membranes. Fight bacterial infections, repairs the gut, heals the skin, and lessens inflammation. Psychoactive. Relaxes the mind. 

Mullein* - Soothes and cleanses the lungs when smoked.  Mildly calming, promotes relaxing feelings and fights against anxiety. Expectorant.

Uva Ursi* - Traditionally smoked during ceremonies. Its believed that the smoke carries prayers to your higher power. 

Spearmint - Improves blood circulation and relaxes the nerves. Clears the lungs and makes breathing easier. Sharpens and increases mental capacity in that moment.

For Spiritual use:

Sage - Cleansing, wisdom, good luck, redemption, home blessing and longevity.

Lavender - Protection, love, peace, longevity, purification, happiness.

Marshmallow - Connected to the moon. Promotes fertility and life-giving energies. Used for protection, peace and light. 

Mullein - Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination

Uva Ursi - Increase in capabilities

Peppermint/Spearmint - Healing, love and mental powers.


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